1 in 10 of Us Have Dyslexia

  • Fixing The System
  • Providing Resources & Support
  • Empowering Dyslexic People
Change minds, Change lives.

There’s a woeful lack of attention being paid to dyslexia, a recognised disability with no direct disability funding.

It’s why, since 2015, we’ve been championing the right of people to be their dyslexic different self. We do this by changing attitudes at every level—in government, educators, families, and dyslexic Australians of all ages.

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So far, we’ve helped schools work with dyslexia instead of sweeping it under the rug, while providing much-needed assistance for teachers and parents. At the same time, our advocacy efforts have contributed to the introduction of early screening for dyslexia via year 1 phonics checks.

With your support, we can do so much more. We can be louder. Bolder. Fiercer. We can transform and normalise life for millions of Australians living with dyslexia.

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Together, we can help everyone with
dyslexia reach their potential.

Where to Go & what to look for

Whether you’re in the heart of a busy metropolis or alone in the Aussie outback, Code Read Dyslexia Network knows someone who can help.

Don’t be ignorant
of dyslexia.

We need to get rid of the hurt around living with dyslexia. It starts with raising awareness and removing obstacles—so, help us do just that. Help us fix a system ignorant of the challenges dyslexic people face daily.

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