The frustration
of Dyslexia
is often unread.

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Our “Read My Frustration” campaign aims to raise awareness of the prevalence of dyslexia in Australia and draw attention to the unnecessary pain and frustration caused by unrecognised dyslexia. We know early identification, reading instruction informed by science, and supportive classroom environments would allow all dyslexics to achieve their potential.

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Different Groups’s “Read My Frustration” Seven Steps To Success

  1. Increase Dyslexia awareness and the need for urgent action to support all people living with
    dyslexia in Australia.
  2. Change people’s view of dyslexia and remove the misconceptions that it’s linked to intelligence
    and that those with dyslexia cannot learn to read.
  3. Australia wide adoption of Year 1 Phonics Check for every child, to identify struggling readers.
  4. Immediate and evidence-based classroom instruction and appropriate intervention in schools,
    based on the phonics check outcomes.
  5. Medicare funding for formal Dyslexia assessments.
  6. Consistent nationwide funding for Dyslexia Support in schools via the Nationally Consistent
    Collection of Data (NCCD) process, with allocated funds for dyslexics, spent specifically on
    dyslexia support.
  7. Mandate that Primary School, Initial Teacher Education courses provide sufficient course content
    about dyslexia and how to use evidence-based teaching practices to teach dyslexics, as well as,
    mandated, ongoing professional development for current incumbent teachers.

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Code REaD Supports the Primary Reading Pledge thanks to Learning Difficulties Australia, AUSPELD & Five from Five. You can download the Pledge here.


Lao Tzu said, ‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.’

Code Read Dyslexia Network have taken that step but we need your support to keep moving. There are so many ways to help us and get involved – let us count the ways!

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