Code Read’s Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) funding application

Code Read’s Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) funding application

Code Read Dyslexia Network Australia (Code Read), has commenced work on the application process to provide Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) funding for the diagnosis and management of Dyslexia in children and adults. To achieve this goal a working committee of health professionals and advocates has been established by the board.

The initial step undertaken by the committee was to lodge a briefing paper to the Health Technology Assessment team at the Australian Government, Department of Health, before commencing work on an official application to the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) for consideration.

According to the Department of Health, MSAC’s role is to:

..appraise new medical services proposed for public funding, and provides advice to Government on whether a new medical service should be publicly funded (and if so, its circumstances) on an assessment of its comparative safety, clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and total cost, using the best available evidence (Department of Health, 2021).*

It is our understanding that the application and assessment process is lengthy and may take many months of regular communication and negotiations without any guarantees of success.

Code Read, however, believes that all Australians should have equal access to dyslexia testing (diagnostic assessment) and evidence-based management of dyslexia no matter their financial situation.  Currently, without the initial diagnosis, many students and employees are disadvantaged and excluded from accessing appropriate support and management to ensure they are provided with the absolute best education and opportunity to become healthy and active literate members of the Australian community.

The board of Code Read is committed, as part of the “Read My Frustration” Seven Steps To Success campaign to strive to obtain Medicare Benefits Schedule funding to cover the cost of formal dyslexia diagnosis and, if possible, evidence-based interventions for all Australians at risk.

*Medical Advisory Services Committee. 2021. About MSAC. Department of Health. Australian Government. Accessed online

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