Jordan “Biggie” Steffens

Jordan “Biggie” Steffens born 1989 and identified as having dyslexia in Grade 3, has joined Code REaD as our latest #dyslexiahero. As a professional strongman, Jordan wants to put his strength behind the Code REaD Dyslexia Network cause, to help raise awareness about dyslexia. Jordan has been a professional strongman for over 12 years and holds many strength records.

To list a few of his feets of strength he has:
▪️ Pulled a 155 tonne steam train
▪️ Pulled a Qantas Boeing 737
▪️ Pressed 220kg
▪️ In the 2015 Adelaide Fitness Expo, Jordan carried 610kg, which is the most weight carried by a human on Australian soil, a record that still stands today.