Rosalie Martin

Rosalie has been a clinical speech pathologist for more than 30 years and also a criminologist and a facilitator of courage-development workshops.

Rosalie was awarded 2017 Tasmanian Australian of the Year for work teaching literacy and communication to prisoners – and those at-risk of prison futures.
Prison literacy is only a part of the work which interests Rosie; but it is all tied together with this common thread: fine communication.

Rosalie is also available for public speaking roles, including: How to teach literacy to anyone; The continuum of literacy skills; Dyslexia; Building literacy in homeless and disadvantaged adults; Engaging the disengaged; The history of literacy; How Australia’s literacy woes arose and What is to be done about Australia’s literacy woes?

Rosalie is also the founder of Chatter Matters, a charitable organisation based in Tasmania. The focus is on building communication skills in those who need it most and sharing the success stories that follow.

Read more about Rosalie Martin and her important work at her website:

Chatter Matters