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Bogan Genius

A few months back the team at Code REaD heard about Australian Comedian, Brett Blake whose current show is all about his struggles with dyslexia. In the show Brett talks about how for many years his dyslexia label ‘defined’ him, and that people just assumed that because he couldn’t read, he must be ‘stupid’.

However the ‘stupid’ label could not be further from the truth for Brett who was tested in his teens and found to be ‘2 points off genius’.

Unfortunately the fact that people are quick to label a dyslexic as unable to learn often means that many schools and peers give up too easily.

So when Code REaD heard that Brett was to perform his show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival a group of our members went along and enjoyed hearing Brett’s stories about his experiences growing up.

At Code REaD we know the importance of a self proclaimed young Bogan speaking out so openly about his dyslexia and we hope that Brett’s message can reach other young people and encourage them to open up about their own battles. We need to shift the shame away from those impacted to those in society who cause the shame through their ignorance.

In this video which Brett created to help raise awareness and understanding, Brett explains his own experience and thoughts on dyslexia and what he sees as ways to help dyslexia become better managed by Australian schools. It is important to note that these comments are 100% Brett’s own.

Thanks Brett for being so open about your dyslexia and we hope your message helps others to open up about theirs as well.

Brett Blake Bogan Genius talks about Dyslexia