Code Read at the National Education Summit in Brisbane!

Help us as we work towards every school and every teacher recognising the importance of their role in overcoming misunderstandings & the unnecessary underachievement of dyslexic students in every corner of Australia

With Code Read’s very own Director Sarah Asome presenting on the 1st day of the National Education Summit in Brisbane on May 31, we feel it’s only right that Code Read make’s our presence felt as well!

Sarah is the Acting Assistant Principal at Bentleigh West Primary School and Felicity Harpley, of Personal Best Performance will be presenting ‘Step into their shoes – Early and evidence based intervention for dyslexia’

If you are attending the event be sure to register for Sarah’s presentation! You can visit the National Education Summit site to book tickets and read the full program Here

After making enquiries to hold a stand at the event Code Read were at first left feeling a little defeated with stand prices way out of the budget of this little NFP! However we have now been very kindly offered a corner of the Decodable Readers Australia Stand! Decodable Readers Australia have been fantastic supporters of our organisation over the past 12 months, supporting our 2018 campaigns and our representation at the first ever Global Dyslexia Summit in London last October. Decodable Readers Australia are already signed up to support our 2019 Get Onboard Campaign! Visit the Decodable Readers Australia Site

But we do still need to raise some funds to help us organise some printed materials, handouts and banners for the event. If you are able to help, even a little please consider a tax deductible donation to our Crowdfunding! Ideally we would need around $1000 to be sure we can make the impact we want to make! Any additional funds raised will be allocated the Code Read’s general advocacy fund for our ongoing work. Help Code Read reach our $1000 goal to assist with our Advocacy at the Summit by a Tax Deductible (Crowdfunding) Donation HERE