Code REaD Member Debbie Burnett Speaks on Brisbane Breakfast Radio NOVA 106.9

Code REaD Member Debbie Burnett was compelled to respond to comments made by the hosts of Nova 106.9 Breakfast Show in Brisbane on Tuesday morning (August 6, 2019). After parents and adult dyslexics from around the country complained about what they felt were insensitive comments made about people with low literacy, one Mum who was driving her children to school at this time said the following –

“The Ash, Kip, Luttsy & Susie breakfast show on Nova 106.9 thought it was funny to “pick” on people with poor literacy skills. What makes it worse is that it was aired at a time when many kids would have been in the car on their way to school, just like my son was. In short, they said “That Richard Branson was purely an exception to this rule. They went as far as saying that if someone can’t spell there’s no way they could be trusted to handle important affairs (The example was a financial advisor spelt suite instead of suit in an email and they responded that there was no way he was handling their money). Then they made fun of an applicant who submitted her CV to the studio and in her CV she wrote ducks instead of dux. At the same time they joked how confusing the English language was with regards to spelling and how it sounds. This segment was on at about 8:20-8:30am Nova 106.9”.

After many people contacted the station to complain about the comments Debbie was invited to talk on the show the following morning.

Listen to Debbie's Interview