What it’s worth by Corey

What it’s worth by Corey

How does school make a teen who is struggling with dyslexia feel?
So often our teens are feeling broken by the school system, but explaining their situation is not always easy. So when 15 year old Corey expressed his hurt in this poem we felt that the world needed to hear what he had to say.
Thank you for letting us share this Corey.
What its worth by Corey
This heavy feeling inside me
My thoughts consumed by darkness
And there’s nothing to hear and nothing to say
The stuff you put me through is heartless
This poison is eating my soul
There’s only one place I can be me
All this pressure is taking its toll
Why can nobody see
This place is not my future
Nothing but a dictatorship, there is no escape
Six hours of daily torture
An academic community surrounded by red tape
Everyone thinks I’m okay
But I’m so sad inside
This feeling haunts me everyday
I want to runaway and hide
I always try to succeed
But every day you put me down
I don’t get the help I need
In this system I drown
So this is my final plea
This pattern has to stop
Are you so blind you cannot see
I just want a glimpse of the top
Be kind, we all have our struggles
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