Equal Write to Read Virtual Run 2020

Our inaugural Equal Write to Read Virtual Run was held in March 2020.

420 people around Australia signed up for this event . Our fabulous participants helped to raise awareness about dyslexia by walking / running and swimming across our great land during the midst of the Covid19 pandemic! People had to adapt and get creative but this is something our dyslexic community is very good at!


We believe that all people should have equal rights to learn to read. Dyslexic people can learn to read with appropriate teaching methods.


It was great to see so many kids, families and dogs joining in!

The concept started with the analogy that learning to read as a dyslexic can be like running a marathon – so we started with the 42 km option. We then added 2 other options to enhance inclusiveness. We were also keen to raise awareness as many people in the broader community still do not understand what dyslexia is, let alone how to help. It is so important to get the message out there that reading difficulties such as dyslexia are in no way linked to low intelligence.

Planning is already underway for 2021 to be even bigger and better . We have listened to feedback and have some great plans so stay tuned for announcements later in the year!


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