A quick chat with Eddie Betts

A quick chat with Eddie Betts

Recently I was thrilled to meet Eddie Betts!

This famous Adelaide Crows footballer grew up in the same town as me, Port Lincoln.

Eddie had a poor education due to multiple reasons and left school illiterate. He had a brush with crime before deciding to focus on a football career.

It wasn’t easy and he didn’t find success straight away .

Fortunately the Carlton Football club organized tutoring for Eddie and he learnt to read in his 20’s. I asked Eddie if he is dyslexic and he said that he does not know if he has dyslexia as has never been tested.

Eddie is one of South Australia’s most admired people and is now married and a father of 4 cute kids.

He is now writing children’s books to help engage children with reading.

The world needs more Eddies. He is not just a wizard on the football field, but he has a heart of gold.

Dr Sandra Marshall
Code Read Dyslexia Chairperson