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Where to Go & what to look for

Whether you’re in the heart of a busy metropolis or alone in the Aussie outback, Code Read Dyslexia Network knows someone who can help.

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Education Standards – Students with disability

Disability Advocacy Service

As a not-for-profit incorporated community organisation, Disability Advocacy Service offers a free, confidential advocacy service to persons and families with a disability, supporting and empowering clients to exercise their own rights in accordance with the NT Disability Advocacy Standards.

Get school support for your child

NT Government information on rights of students with disability to access a full and inclusive curriculum that meets individual needs.

Dyslexia Support Australia

We strongly recommend connecting with the group Dyslexia Support Australia on Facebook for advice on assessment and evidence based help.

Northern Territory Council of Government School Organisations

NTCOGSO is the peak parent body in public education throughout the Northern Territory, representing the interests of the families and school communities of children attending Northern Territory public schools. Its objectives are to ensure that the interests of government schools, through affiliated members, are represented to the Northern Territory and Australian governments, including their agencies.

ACT Education Directorate

Dyslexia Information for the Canberra Region

Dyslexia Information for the Canberra Region Facebook Page

Department of Education

Dyslexia Victoria Support

Website linked to Dyslexia Victoria Support Forum on Facebook

Dyslexia Victoria Support Forum

Dyslexia Victoria Support Forum is a closed Facebook Support Group

SPELD Victoria

SPELD Victoria’s purpose is to assist the estimated 5-10% of all Victorians with Specific Learning Difficulties to achieve their full learning potential. They achieve this through the provision of direct service delivery, information, advocacy and awareness raising amongst the wider Victorian community.

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