Where to go

Where to Go & what to look for

Whether you’re in the heart of a busy metropolis or alone in the Aussie outback, Code Read Dyslexia Network knows someone who can help.

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WA Department of Education

Providing ongoing strategic development, management and coordination of policy, resourcing, services and support for students with disability.

Dyslexia – SPELD Foundation of WA Inc (DSF)

DSF has provided vital support to West Australian children and adults with learning disabilities for over 40 years. It provides advice and support to families and educators on successful literacy acquisition, evidence-based practice, and the strategies most likely to improve literacy outcomes for all students. This includes supporting and advising students, adults and families directly, as well as indirectly through the support and advice provided at a school or employment level.

SPELD Queensland

Speld is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to support people experiencing a learning difference. Working in partnership with Education Queensland, we are located beside the Reading and Autism Hub and provide services to State, Catholic and Independent schools, across the State and to clients ranging in age from 4 to 74.

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