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Do It Red for Dyslexia in 2020

#doitRED for Dyslexia is an expansion of our annual Light it Red campaign. We have expanded the campaign to make it possible for even more of you to join us in raising awareness of dyslexia in October.


In 2020 we want you to do it your way! Just choose how you are going to #doitRED in October and share on socials with the hashtag #doitRED, it really is that simple. We have some ideas to share but it’s really up to you.


Whatever you do in October … 
do it RED



Why all the RED?

We wanted to combine a few meanings including the red crosses that fill the workbooks of children with dyslexia, but we also wanted to convey the sense of urgency to change the education system, a code red, if you like. And finally, its a play on words as it is unclear if it should be pronounced Read ( as in reed) or Red, and this shows that unless you are explicitly taught, then you don’t know the answer.


Please find some resources we have created for you to use during October to support the #doitRED for dyslexia campaign.  Please let us know if there is a resource you would like us to create.

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Zoom / Microsoft Teams Background

Email Signature

Social Media Bingo Cards

Dyslexia Facts Poster

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Here's some idea's to get you started

Follow Code REaD on our social channels and share our posts. We have also created some downloadables you can use, like a zoom/teams background, email signatures, frames for social media profiles, and more, just click on the buttons above.

Code REaD is a national charity run entirely by volunteers, your donation helps us to keep doing the important work we are doing.

In October we are running two free webinars, click on the webinar below to register.

Monday 12th October 2020 at 6.30 pm Webinar 1: Dyslexia Myths & Facts presented by Lyn Stone  

Monday 26th October 2020 at 7.00 pm Webinar 2: Supporting your child through their school journey by Sarah Asome

Arrange to light up your building, monument, or landmark Red during the month of October. Find out more here. If you don’t have a building, monument, or landmark to light up you could also light up your house, front yard, or garden RED.

Did you know we have merchandise you can purchase? Check out our stores at RedBubble & The Print Bar, Support us and buy it RED.

Show your support by wearing RED during the month of October. It could be a ribbon, a shirt, or a whole outfit. How will you wear it RED?

Make some RED paper planes, or a kite and fly it RED. What else could you fly RED?

What is your favourite RED drink, Wine, Raspberry Lemonade, Cordial, Milkshake? Whatever it is drink it RED in October. Don’t forget Goodwill Wines is a supporter of Code REaD.

You could do your nails, dye your hair, or tie-dye a shirt. Find something to colour it RED in October.

Are you an artist or do you just like to doodle? Draw something in RED for Dyslexia Awareness.

You can write a poem, a song, or even a letter to someone you feel can affect positive change for dyslexia.

What’s your craft of choice, sewing, knitting, paper arts? Whatever it is, craft it in RED.

You could paint some rocks, a sign or even a house… What are you going to paint RED?

What’s your favourite thing to bake? Can you bake it RED?

Are you a sculptor, or is lego more your thing? How are you going to build it RED?

Is dance how you express yourself? Find a way to dance it RED in October.

Do you like to dress up? Are costumes or ball gowns your thing? Dress it RED this October.

What’s your favourite RED food? Will it be a healthy cherry or a decadent dessert? How will you eat it RED?

Do you like making slime & goo or is there something else you like to do? Show us how you make it RED.

Have you got some other idea’s on how to #doitRED in October? We’d love to see them just share your #doitRED activity on social media with our hashtag #doitRED during October.