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Get Onboard for Dyslexia 2018

Get Onboard for Dyslexia 2018

The Competition for schools

Create a Paper Plane Challenge Event for your school to help raise awareness about dyslexia whilst incorporating STEM education. Schools can win 1of 5 Drones or a Full Set of Decodable Readers!

Dyslexia Awareness Month runs throughout October, however due to school holidays Red Paper Plane Challenge Days can be run right up to November 9th. You can plan a day or afternoon to be all about STEM while raising awareness for Dyslexia. Wear Red and encourage Gold coin donations to Code Read Dyslexia Network or to your school library.

  • Plan for school competitions in individual classes, stages or whole school competitions.
  • Individuals or teams, mixed ages and genders for equality of teams.
  • There is no limit to the creativity of the project. It could be about whose plane flies the farthest, whose plane can carry cargo, whose plane stays in the air longest, the plane with the broadest wings, most streamlined or creative ways to keep your plane inflight longest.
  • Set School Goals! For example to fly planes a certain distance or to keep planes in the air for a set period of time.
  • A science challenge within your class could look at various plane designs, evaluate and test them according to their design, learn about flight and aeronautical principals.
  • Set your school the challenge of most creative design incorporating these three elements – the colour red, paper and planes.
  • Tailor the event to your schools size and facilities, fly them inside classrooms and then take them outside to see the effect of the elements.
  • Have a whole school competition – with class champions, stage champions or whole school champions.
  • Finish of the day with a viewing of Paper Planes the movie