Get Onboard for Dyslexia

Get Onboard for Dyslexia 2019

Code Read Dyslexia Network (Code Read) are proud to announce that the  ‘Get Onboard for Dyslexia’ Campaign will run from October 1st to November 15th in 2019.

We want to encourage those impacted by dyslexia to soar. We encourage them to do more than simply fly, but to soar, rise swiftly and feel the wind slipping below them as they rise higher and higher!

Our Campaign aims to promote a new type of aeroplane, one that provides everything a dyslexic needs to navigate their world successfully: acknowledgement, support and empowerment. Get Onboard and soar to a better future where all people with dyslexia are acknowledged through early identification; supported with evidence based teaching and accommodations, and empowered by equal access to opportunity.

We are asking all schools to Get Onboard for Dyslexia awareness in 2019 and be as creative as possible with their interpretation of the campaign.

We will provide downloadable posters, lesson plans and lots of ideas but we would also love to see your school’s unique ideas.

The aim of the Get Onboard campaign

  • Is to spread awareness about dyslexia
  • Help schools, teachers and students to learn how they can best support people with dyslexia
  • Create a positive and inclusive environment for those with dyslexia

Thanks to our fantastic Get Onboard sponsors we have some amazing prizes on offer

There are three prize packs that will be awarded to the schools that best show how they bring acknowledgement, support & empowerment to dyslexia and the entrant's community.

Key Judging Criteria
1. School Community Engagement - We want to see the entire school and wider local community involved in your campaign.
2. Delivering the Message - We want to see how your school creates an environment where people impacted by dyslexia are acknowledged, supported and empowered.
3. Making an Impact - Show us the positive impact your actions and campaign have had on your school and wider local community.
4. Creativity and Innovation - The judges are looking for creativity and out of the box thinking in your campaign.

We also have an Outstanding Advocate Award for a school or teacher that shows excellence in creating an inclusive environment for all people impacted by dyslexia.

The winner of this award will also receive a ticket to attend a Learning Difficulties Australia International Speaker in 2020.

Registering your school for Get Onboard is as easy as 3 steps

1. Create your account at the link below
Click on the sign up button and fill in the details of the person who will be in charge of the campaign for your school and click GET ONBOARD
2. Create your school profile
Fill in the details for your school’s Get Onboard page. This is where you will share what your school is doing for Get Onboard in 2019. Once complete click CREATE PROFILE
3. Your profile and account are set up
From here you can download our packs and access your school profile page. To go to your school profile page click on the school name under the My Profile menu on the right.

Your profile page is where you can post stories, photos, videos, share it with your community and accept donations.

Go to to see an example school that shows how use the profile page.

So what are you waiting for, Get Onboard for Dyslexia Awareness with Code REaD in 2019.


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