Yes to Phonics Check Campaign

Code Read Supports say 'YES' to the Phonics Screening Check

Dyslexia affects up to 10% of the population. Three children in every classroom of 30 will struggle to acquire adequate literacy skills.

The importance of the Phonics Screening Check is to identify children whose reading and comprehension skills are compromised by a failure to identify (or decode) words quickly and accurately. Early identification of children who need extra support is essential to help overcome existing or potential reading difficulties.
The Phonics Screening Check is a simple five-minute check designed to help teachers easily identify school children who are at serious risk of struggling with reading skills.

In 2018, South Australia was the first state to adopt the Phonics Screening Check.

Code REaD Dyslexia Network advocates for all states in Australia to say YES to the Phonics Check to ensure ALL children learn to read.

5,000 plus people signed the nationwide petition launched in 2017 to ask all State and Territory Education Ministers to implement the phonics check and support students at risk of reading failure.

What can you do?
1) Say Yes to the Phonics Check – sign and share the petition
2) Keep the pressure on - email your State Education Minister
3) Follow the Say Yes Phonics Check Facebook page for updates
4) Support Code Read as we continue to advocate for the most vulnerable students who struggle to read, write and spell.

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