Get Onboard for Dyslexia Media Release in 2019

Dyslexia awareness campaign launched for schools

‘Get Onboard’ and ‘get creative’ with promoting dyslexia awareness

Schools will have the chance to win software packs, apps, books and professional training, as part of this year’s Code Read Dyslexia Network’s ‘Get Onboard’ campaign.

The campaign is one of Code Read’s two major campaigns for Dyslexia Awareness Month, which starts October 1.

“An estimated 1 in 10 Australian students has a reading disability and this can have a profound effect on both their confidence and their ability to succeed at school,” said Dr Sandra Marshall, Chairperson of Code Read.

“We recognise that schools are eager to have the tools to better support  students with reading difficulties.”

“We’re calling on them to help us acknowledge, support and empower all young people who are dyslexic, and to make a positive difference in their school and local communities.”

The ‘Get Onboard’ campaign aims to help schools, teachers and students learn how they can support those impacted by dyslexia and create a positive and inclusive learning environment.”

“We’re grateful for our sponsors, who have provided some fantastic prizes that will help schools teach reading more effectively,” Dr Marshall said.

“Teachers can also access useful resources including lesson plans and other downloads from our website when they register.”


About Code Read Dyslexia Network: Code Read Dyslexia Network is a national dyslexia advocacy network for adults and children. Founded and supported by a passionate team of volunteers, Code Read helps families work out what to do and where to go when navigating the often-complex world of a dyslexia diagnosis.

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