Bindee Davis Code Read Hero

Bindee is from Darwin, but is currently in South Australia studying to become a Vet at Adelaide Uni. Becoming a Vet has been Bindee’s lifetime goal, but it hasn’t been an easy path. Bindee left school in year 10 due to overwhelming struggles with her learning and lack of support and understanding. Tragically she was not formally assessed for dyslexia until age 33.

Being identified as having dyslexia has bene a defining moment in Bindee’s life. It made sense f all her struggles and then allowed her to access the assistance she needed for University.
She now hopes that by raising awareness of dyslexia with Code Read Dyslexia Network, she can help children in the Northern Territory be identified early and that they won’t grow up with feelings of inadequacy & shame.

Bindee wants you to know that dyslexia is not a disease, but that it is a learning disability that can be overcome and in no way will she let her dyslexia hold her back.