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Amelia Matlock Vice Chairperson

Amelia Matlock is a paediatric nurse who has worked in a variety of roles both clinically and in health administration.

Amelia's youngest son was unable to read anything at all after 18months at school despite his very best efforts, to the extent that he was unable to even recognise his written name. He knew the name of 5 letters, but not what sound they made. This made school incredibly challenging for him as he could not access the curriculum in a meaningful way.

Amelia is passionate about ensuring that all children receive appropriate literacy instruction. She has advocated at school and state levels for change, including the desire for National introduction of the Phonic Screening Check and evidenced based instruction and intervention in schools.

Her son is now in Grade 5 and reading, something in the early days of his diagnosis she wasn't sure would ever happen.

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