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Julie Stone Director

Julie Stone is a special education teacher who took a break from teaching in schools in 2018 to homeschool her own children. Julie has 3 children, with 2 of them having specific learning disabilities in reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia) and mathematics (dyscalculia).

Her younger children were drowning in the school system due to the lack of support and evidence-based explicit instruction being used. The school was using out-of-date, poor-quality programs which lacked a systematic scope and sequence. Both children began to thrive with reading and writing only after commencing with a specialist dyslexia educator who uses a systematic synthetic phonics program and explicit instruction. Julie discovered that the school teachers didn't even know what dyslexia was, let alone knew how to teach a dyslexic student. She knew that she had to research dyslexia for herself and raise awareness about the facts of dyslexia. Julie commenced training in structured literacy and multisensory teaching for reading, writing and mathematics.

In 2018 Julie opened a private practice to teach local dyslexic children. This enabled her to homeschool her own children during the day and teach other children in the afternoons and evenings.

Julie's middle child has just turned 18 and has already completed a Cert 3 from TAFE and this year has commenced a university degree majoring in English and writing. Julie's youngest child is continuing to homeschool and is well ahead in his schooling due to being taught with evidence-based programs.

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