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Marshall Roberts

Marshall is a father to adult twins and step-father to two younger girls. They each have a diagnosis for at least one Specific Learning Disorder, including dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia.

Having watched his two older children with SLDs push through into adulthood, Marshall had settled in to expecting nothing from the system. The catalyst that fired him up to push for change, was learning that the main obstacles stopping children receiving good literacy instruction are not in fact the seemingly inevitable funding shortfalls that prevent a tailored response, but rather scientific ignorance, ideology, and culture, which are self-perpetuated by the system as whole, and condemn a large proportion of children – not just those with perceived ‘special needs’ – to lifelong literacy difficulties.

Marshall lives on and works a 5th generation family farm in the Huon Valley, Tasmania. In addition to bucolic bliss, previous work has included IT roles in Government, private enterprise from small business to listed multinationals, and his own consultancy.

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