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Will McIntosh - Director

Will is a provisionally registered Neuropsychologist. Neuropsychology is a specialised diagnostic branch of clinical psychology (the study of the mind and behaviour) which incorporates elements of neurology (the study of the brain). As a discipline, it is dedicated to examining how the brain and nervous system is functioning in relation to cognition (i.e. ‘thinking skills’ including attention, memory, executive function, etc.) and behaviour.

Will has joined the board of directors to help campaign for a Medicare item number as part of a specialised taskforce so that all children can have access to diagnostic assessments. Will adopts a 'no child left behind' policy and actively works to spare children from the difficulties he faced in early years of schooling. He also places emphasis on identification of common comorbidities associated with dyslexia (including ADHD) as well as the importance of mental health.

Outside of his clinical work and advocacy, Will is an active researcher and is an investigator on Australia’s largest longitudinal pregnancy and birth cohort study, the Raine Study. As part of his doctorate, Will’s research is examining how the growth of the fetal brain across critical windows of pregnancy may offer important clues to the development of neurocognitive delays/disorder in childhood and adolescence.

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